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How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Mid-Missouri Home This Fall

BugOut Pest Control Is Mid-Missouri’s Spider Extermination & Pest Control Expert

Is there a creepier pest than the spider? In mid-Missouri, definitely not. Spiders are a year-round problem but become especially annoying in the fall when they enter your home to seek warmth and shelter from the dropping temperatures. Unfortunately, spiders also tend to mate each fall. While the spiders are looking for their next romantic partner, you are getting spooked in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, basement, and all around the house. Luckily, BugOut Pest Control knows exactly how to get rid of spiders in your mid-Missouri home. Learn more about spider prevention!

Declutter your home to prevent spiders from building webs in mid-Missouri

Spiders love clutter. Piles of old magazines, boxes of holiday decorations, and firewood kept indoors are like 5-star hotels for spiders. They provide plenty of nooks and crannies for spiders to hide and hunt. One of the best ways to prevent spiders is to reduce the clutter in your home and clean regularly. It may be inconvenient to take that pile of Amazon boxes out, but there could be a family of spiders making use of the cluttered cardboard. Treat the changing seasons as a second spring cleaning and rid your home of clutter!

Regularly dust your home to prevent spiders in mid-Missouri

Dusting may be one of the most irritating chores, especially when you have allergies. However, dusting is a great way to prevent spiders in your mid-Missouri home. When you dust, take special care to remove any spiderwebs you see. 

Always clean up any food or crumbs in the kitchen and dining room. While spiders don’t care about your crumbs, other pests do. While things like beetles, flies, and roaches dine on your crumbs, spiders will be dining on them. You break the link in the food chain between spiders and other pests when you keep your home clean. 

Cleaning your mid-Missouri kitchen can help prevent spiders & other pests from entering your home

Are you curious about natural spider prevention methods? While you may read about using peppermint oil or vinegar to prevent spiders from entering your home, these methods are only temporary solutions to a more significant problem. Spiders enter your home to enjoy the food source provided by other pests. To end your spider problem, you need to get rid of their food source first. BugOut Pest Control is mid-Missouri’s pest control provider. From termites and bed bugs to spiders and roaches, we can get rid of pests in your home and prevent them from returning.

BugOut Pest Control Is Here to Identify & Exterminate Spiders in Your Mid-Missouri Home

When you notice spiders or other pests creeping around your home, call BugOut Pest Control. Our extermination experts will examine your home and create a plan of action to completely rid your home of pests. Call today for a pest control quote.

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