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Picture this: it’s summertime in mid-Missouri and you’re no longer scraping ice off your car. The sun is shining down on your yard, and the grass is greener than ever as you relax in the great outdoors. BugOut Pest Control can help this vision come to life with our first-rate summer lawn care service!

BugOut Pest Control Lawn Care

Nourish Your Mid-Missouri Home’s Front Yard with Lawn Fertilization from BugOut Pest Control 

The first of our three-step lawn service is a premium lawn fertilization to your yard. Fertilizer from BugOut Pest Control is the perfect conditioner for your grass, building a strong, healthy foundation for your lawn to thrive off of. Once our lawn fertilization is applied to your mid-Missouri lawn, it only gets better from here! 

Achieve a thicker, healthier lawn with BugOut Pest Control’s lawn aeration services 

Want to make sure your lawn is getting all the water it needs? Consider lawn aeration from BugOut Pest Control! The aeration process involves reducing compaction in your grass using rows of spikes, allowing easier access for water and nutrients to reach the roots. Say goodbye to dry, brittle grass and say hello to a fuller, healthier lawn!

Last but not least, BugOut overseeds your mid-Missouri yard for a perfect, even lawn 

The third step of our lawn service is overseeding. Once your lawn is fertilized and aerated, overseeding evens out any patchy areas of your mid-Missouri lawn. Thanks to BugOut Pest Control, your summer lawn will grow lusciously and consistently.

With lime application from BugOut Pest Control, the grass is green on all sides!   

BugOut also does lime applications for homeowners across mid-Missouri. Lime application is like a multivitamin that will balance the soil’s pH levels, promoting a greener summer lawn. Now, not only will your lawn have its proper nutrition, but it will look stunning too!

Woman lays in hammock above a trimmed green lawn. BugOut offers summer lawn care for mid-Missouri homeowners.

Step Up Your Summer Lawn Care and Contact BugOut Pest Control in Mid-Missouri! 

With BugOut Pest Control, your upgraded lawn care will start the summer off on a good note! Our lawn manicurists put in the proper care and effort needed to keep your summer lawn care at its absolute best. From lawn fertilization to overseeding, BugOut Pest Control ensures that the grass is aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Call us today to preserve the beauty of your mid-Missouri lawn!

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