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Catch Termites Faster by Knowing What Signs to Look for in Your Mid-Missouri Home

Termites are one of the worst pests to have in your Columbia, MO home. Each year, they are discovered in over 5 million households across the U.S., creating a world of damage and making homeowners pay outrageous repairs. If there are termites in your mid-Missouri home, it’s important that you spot them right away before their colony can grow. But, it’s easier said than done. BugOut Pest Control has perfected the process of hunting down termites over the years, and we want to help you identify them as quickly as possible. Follow our preventative termite guide to stop termites from overruling your home in Columbia, MO.

What do termites in mid-Missouri look like?

Overall, termites are small, soft-bodied insects with reddish-brown heads, but their appearance can vary depending on their species and caste. The primary termite species found in mid-Missouri are subterranean termites, in which the colony is divided into three types: soldier termites, winged termites, and worker termites. Soldier termites are recognizable for their larger heads and long mandibles. Worker termites have an off-white color on their bodies and an amber-colored head. Lastly, winged termites are dark brown or black, and as the name suggests, they have long wings along their back. These unpleasant pests are generally hard to spot, but they leave behind many clues that indicate their presence in mid-Missouri homes.

Signs That Indicate Termites Are Infesting Your Home in Columbia, MO 

Sawdust-like piles & termite wings left behind along your mid-Missouri home’s floors 

Winged termites shed their wings when they have found a place to settle for a period of time. If you find a mysterious grouping of long, oval-like wings, it could mean termites have started building a colony in your Columbia, MO home. In addition, there could be piles of what appears to be sawdust with brown or black coloring. This, unfortunately, is most likely termite droppings they have left behind. Once you see these leavings, you have found the first sign of termites in your home in mid-Missouri. 

Look for mud tubes along the walls of your home in Columbia, MO 

Termites are quite the little travelers, but they’re not always great at hiding their tracks in mid-Missouri homes. Subterranean worker termites move to and from the colony in search of food and water, but they need an easy path to follow as they do this. Along the way, termites create pencil-width paths known as mud tubes, made up almost entirely of their own saliva, wood, and waste. Pretty gross, right? These mud tubes can be found on trees, around window sills, and near the ground of your home in Columbia, MO. They can also vary in appearance depending on whether or not the tunnels are exploratory, working, swarm castle, or drop tubes. Scheduling a termite inspection with trusted exterminators will help you determine what kind of termite problem you have in mid-Missouri.

Crumbling or damaged wood anywhere in your mid-Missouri home are a sign of termites 

If you notice any crumbling or damaged wood anywhere in your Columbia, MO home, it could be another sign of a termite infestation. Termites are most well-known for feeding on wood, and they can significantly weaken wooden structures over time. As they eat away at the wood, it becomes brittle and begins to crumble or break apart, eventually causing visible damage. If you suspect a termite infestation, it's important to contact our exterminators at BugOut Pest Control to assess the situation and recommend appropriate termite treatment. We use the reliable Sentricon system, which eliminates termites effectively while preventing them from returning to your mid-Missouri home in the future.

Wood sounding empty inside or squeaky floorboards? It could be from a termite colony 

Because termites eat away so much wood, this affects the integrity of your home’s wooden foundation and the space underneath your floors. So, if you’ve noticed the walls sound a little more hollow when hit, or the floorboards are especially squeaky when you walk across them, this is an indicator of termite colonies in your Columbia, MO home. This also probably means termites have been hiding in your residence for a time. These insects have been known to consume a 2x4 plank of wood in 24 hours!

Termite infestations cause paint peeling on the walls of Columbia, MO homes 

Termites damage more than wood alone in mid-Missouri homes. If the termite colony is camped near painted walls, these surfaces will begin to peel from the moisture termites take with them. Look for signs of paint peeling or forming bubbles in your home in Columbia, MO. It isn’t always a sign of termites, but it can help you further confirm your suspicions if there are other indications of termites in your residential space. 

How Do I Fix a Termite Problem in My Mid-Missouri Home & What Is the Cost? 

When termites are afoot, at-home pest control is useless. The cost of attempting DIY termite control ultimately becomes more trouble than it’s worth. Your best move is to work with a trusted termite control service who knows what they’re doing and will work at a fair price. If you suspect a termite infestation, your next step is to contact a professional pest control company in mid-Missouri to assess the situation and recommend the appropriate treatment. Our exterminators will properly execute a plan to make sure all termites are removed from your Columbia, MO home and never to come back. 

Call BugOut Pest Control the minute you identify termites in Columbia, MO. We are the experts & we’ll remove them quickly

If you have identified termites in your Columbia, MO home, you need to act quickly to prevent further costly damage. Calling a professional pest control company like BugOut Pest Control is the best way to ensure the termites are removed in a timely manner. As experts in all aspects of termite control, we have the knowledge, tools, and pest control experience to get the job done. Our team will work with you on a customized plan that fits your specific needs and budget. We utilize the latest and safest methods from Sentricon to remove termites from your mid-Missouri home, including baiting systems and liquid treatments. With our help, you can rest assured that your home will be termite-free. Don't let them damage your home any further. Call BugOut Pest Control the minute you see them for fast and reliable termite removal.

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