Common Mid-Missouri Summer Pests

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Summer is the perfect time to invite family over for a backyard barbeque, enjoy drinks on the deck with friends, or set up the sprinklers for your kids to run through. When you’re having fun, the last thing you want to be bothered by are pests. Mid-Missouri is notorious for a variety of annoying critters during the summertime; especially mosquitoes, ants, ticks, spiders and wasps.


You probably notice mosquitoes most when you’re near a pond, marshy area or pool. That’s because mosquitoes need water in order to lay their eggs, and those eggs spend the first 10 days in that water. A female mosquito can lay eggs up to 3 times in their lifetime (2 months). When you consider that each mosquito pestering you has the potential to triple the annoyance, it’s easy to see how a mosquito problem can become overwhelming. Beyond the irritating itch of a mosquito bite, mosquitoes can also transmit disease; making them a threat to your family. Since mosquitoes breed so regularly and return each season, it’ll take recurring seasonal service by a pest control professional for truly mosquito-free living.


Ants most commonly enter homes and buildings when they’re searching for food and water. If you’re in the habit of leaving food out, storing food improperly, or entertaining often, you may find yourself with a budding ant problem. Ants may also build nests outdoors in the summer in places like your backyard. In order to kill an ant colony, you have to locate their queen. This is a job that requires knowledge and skill, and is best left to a professional.



Ticks are incredibly bothersome creatures capable of transmitting disease. You may notice your pets covered in ticks after going on walks or playing in the yard, as ticks like to hang out on tall blades of grass or other plants and wait for people or animals to brush by. The best treatment for a tick problem is professional pest control. Bug Out will spray the area to ensure ticks don’t show up on your beloved pet or child.



Wasps tend to get most aggressive in late summer when their food supply begins to dwindle. They’re territorial and aggressive creatures with painful stings. Wasps are a nuisance, and can cause allergic reactions in some. Do not attempt wasp control on your own or you may get hurt. Call a professional to remove wasp nests and smoke out the area.



Missouri struggles with spiders of all kinds throughout the seasons. In summer, you might see daddy long legs running around, among other varieties. Though most spiders aren’t dangerous, they’re unsightly. Bug Out can spray the interior and exterior of your home to create a shield against spiders and other bugs like centipedes, crickets and beetles.


If any of these bugs are interrupting your summer fun, call Bug Out Pest Control. We’ll take care of your bug problem quickly and for a fair price.

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