Is Winter Pest Control Necessary?

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Common household bugs are not like geese, they do not simply fly south for the winter months. While their presence may not be as obvious, they are very much still there. Bugs, like reptiles, are cold-blooded creatures who don’t take well to colder environments and much rather prefer warm ones. When temperatures drop, bugs are no longer as mobile as they once were as the cold weather slows down their movement. This is partly due to the cold’s natural effect on their body but also because during the winter months, food becomes more scarce and the bugs must conserve more energy. All of this leads to the bugs laying low, not completely disappearing. Without proper winter pest control, you can expect these pests to pop back up in spring.  

If Bugs Aren’t Dying, Where Do They Go? 

Bugs are excellent at hide and seek, but especially the hiding part. Often times, they are there and we don’t even know it! When cold weather strikes, a bug’s first instinct is to burrow into warmer surroundings to escape the cooling temperatures. Unfortunately, often times a bug’s place of refuge and warmth is inside the walls of your heated home in the winter. Here, bugs are not only warmer, but also within  close distance to other resources such as food and water. If not inside your home, bugs will also settle in for the winter underneath your home as another warmer alternative. While not every single summer bug will survive the winter, it is important to understand that there are still many survivors who will be ready and waiting to emerge from their hiding spots once the cold weather passes and spring begins. The walls and crevices of your home only serve as a temporary environment for the bugs to hide within. Once the cold passes and it is time for spring, the bugs will carry on with business as usual and once again become a pest to you and your home. 

What Happens Once Winter Is Over? 

Assuming only a small percentage of bugs died during the winter, that means many of them still survived. The ones who chose your home as a temporary, micro-habitat during their time of hibernation are now starting to stir once the temperatures begin to continuously rise. This means, you are much more likely to see a bug whether it’s a spider, cockroach or termite in your home in the spring if you did not receive winter pest-control. 


Why You Should Receive Pest Control Services In The Winter 

To answer the first question asked in this blog, yes. Winter pest control is necessary because while certain species of bugs do migrate, your average household pests do not. Many bugs you may come across in your home are actually wired to survive continuous cold temperatures and therefore do not simply just die off in the winter either. It is important to receive winter pest control services in order to better prepare your home for the spring. Good pest control is all about prevention and laying the groundwork, which is the very reason we highly recommend having one of the professionals  at Bug Out come and inspect your home for insects in the winter so you can be at peace come spring knowing your house isn’t going to come alive with bugs. 

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