The Dangers of DIY Bed Bug Removal

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Bed bugs are quite the triple threat. These insects are unfortunately very resilient creatures, superb travelers and despite their name, don’t insist on sharing your bed as any old fabric material will do. Bed bugs are the worst kind of hitchhikers, they enter your space unwelcome and unwanted. They offer nothing in return and leave much behind, including itchy bumps you can’t stop scratching. 

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Your Home?

So, how do these pesky insects enter your home exactly? The common myth is bed bugs only infest dirty places and spaces. The truth is, they’re just happy to be there and don’t pack up and leave if they find out the space is clean. Bed bugs will latch onto just about anything, including furniture, bags and most other fabrics. The bed bugs hitch a ride until they find a cozy space to establish a population. Rest assured, bed bugs are not loyal critters. Once they have had their fill of their host bed, they move on to the next space to invade. This constant movement makes them especially pesky because if they are not exterminated properly, they will simply relocate.

As humans, we don’t need to catch a bed bug in the act to know they’re there. Bed bugs are not sneaky and their presence can be detected by 3 of the 5 senses. 

Touch: The phrase, “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” comes with some serious truth behind it. These bites are not like that of your average mosquito. These sly bugs are organized and their signature move is leaving bites on your skin appearing to form lines. One might consider the line of bumps as the bed bug trademark! 

Smell: Although the bed bug and stink bug are not closely related, they might as well be. Bed bugs leave behind a very distinct, musky odor. The way they smell could be comparable to that of mildew. 

Sight: A bed bug is a small, tiny bug that can be easily overlooked. However, the trail they leave behind is an unmissable, rusty color. You may notice streaks of this rust color on sheets, mattresses and pillows.  

So, you have come to the conclusion you have bed bugs. Your first thought it most likely going to be “what is the fastest way to get these out?” This is one of the few instances where smothering your space in disinfectant won’t kill 99.9% of germs. You may even go shopping for a chemical product that has a label indicating it will help your bed bug problem. While this may seem like a reasonable solution, it is not a permanent fix. Dousing your bed and furniture in chemicals is not only harmful to breathe in, but is equatable to putting on perfume/cologne rather than showering.

The Importance of Getting the Job Done Right 

 A bed bug problem that is not addressed properly will only result in more bed bugs as they will continue to populate and relocate because the Lysol didn’t wipe out the whole colony and therefore, the battle may be won but the war is not over. While many bed bugs may prefer to live up to their namesake, they are not picky. If you kick them out of your bed they will simply move to your favorite living room chair or clean laundry. By turning to non-professional solutions you are guaranteed to have scattered them, making it harder to catch them next time. To further reiterate the importance of hiring an exterminator, we have compiled our favorite failed DIY bed bug solutions:  

DIY Bed Bug Solutions- Debunked

Baking Soda: While this product is a staple in both cleaning and baking, it is not for bed bugs. The idea behind using baking soda is it will absorb the fluids on the shell of a bed bug. There is no scientific evidence/success to support this theory. 

Moth Balls: This method should remain a solution for what it was created for: moths. While a reasonably sound idea, this actually has scientific evidence backing up its ineffectiveness. 

Ultrasonic Devices: The idea behind this is the sound waves emitted from an ultrasonic device makes the bed bugs uncomfortable and they will evacuate to a quieter place. As mentioned earlier, these critters are resilient and will not let a little racket interrupt their mission. 

Why You Should Hire A Professional 

The most efficient and statistically successful method of ridding your space of bed bugs is professionally administered  heat treatment. Our bed bug solutions are safe, fast and effective. Our team will easily identify the source of the infestation, determine the best course of action and execute the treatment with respect to you and your space. Put down the moth balls, unplug the ultrasonic device and call Bug Out today. 

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