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Common Misconceptions About Termites in Mid-Missouri

Breaking Down Myths Surrounding Termites

Termites are one of the most frustrating pests to deal with. They can cause untold amounts of damage to your home and can be extremely difficult to remove from a home or business. Because people have been dealing with them for so long, though, a couple of myths and misconceptions surrounding termites have been spread. At BugOut Pest Control, we have been dealing with termites in Mid-Missouri homes for years, and know everything there is to know about termite control. We make removing termites from your home as quick and effective as possible. We’re breaking down those misconceptions surrounding termites so that you can feel as informed as our professional team of termite experts.

Myth #1: Termites Are NOT A Threat to Brick Houses

If you have a house that is made primarily out of wood, termites are obviously going to be on the top of your mind as far as pests go. If you have a brick house or a house made out of similar materials, however, you might believe that termites are not a problem you have to worry about. If there is any kind of wood in your house, termites will be drawn to it, even if they have to work their way through or around other materials to get to it. Flooring, attic spaces and other wooden parts of your home are susceptible to termite damage if left unchecked.

Myth #2: Termite Control Will Permanently Protect Your Home Or Business

Unfortunately, having termite control done for your home or business will not offer a permanent source of protection from termites. Termite prevention and treatment are a great way to deter termites from entering your home or business, but regular termite inspections are the best way to ensure that there are no termites preparing to swarm inside of your home or business.

Myth #3: Termites Carry Diseases

While termites are extremely troublesome and potentially damaging for your home or business, they are not carriers of disease. They do not carry any diseases that are known to affect humans or even pets.

Myth #4: DIY Termite Solutions Are Effective In The Long Term

If you notice an issue with termites in your home or business that needs to be addressed immediately, you might consider buying termite solutions that are available at your local hardware store. While these solutions can work to temporarily deal with or slow down termites, these solutions will not be nearly as effective as professional termite control solutions. Over-the-counter termite solutions are best for delaying termites and the potential for damage until a professional pest control team can handle the issue.

Contact BugOut Pest Control for Professional Termite Control in Mid-Missouri

If you have an issue with termites inside of your home or business or would like to schedule a termite inspection to know for certain, contact our professional and experienced team at Bug Out Pest Control. We know all of the signs to look for in determining if your home or business has a termite problem, and will develop a plan to solve any issues with termites based on your needs, and as quickly as possible.

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