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A Guide to Pet-Friendly Pest Control in the Central Missouri Area

We love our pets more than anything, and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. When a pest infestation appears in your mid-Missouri home, however, keeping your furry friends safe becomes a little more challenging. It’s not a good idea to risk DIY pest control with self-proclaimed “pet-safe bug sprays”. In the case of a pest problem, turn to an expert who uses reliable, thorough extermination practices. Turn to BugOut Pest Control. Our pest control technicians will help you prepare your pets and your home for treatment, performing in a humane and responsible manner. Learn more about pet-friendly pest control and how you can keep your cat, dog, or other household companion safe from harm in the central Missouri area. 

What Types of Pests in Missouri Could Cause Harm to Your Pet? 

Venomous pests: In mid-Missouri, it’s important to watch out for poisonous insects. If your cat or dog randomly eats a venomous pest or gets bitten, it could cause severe problems. These pests include nasty spiders such as the Brown Recluse or Black Widow, as well as hornets and bees. 

Fleas: As many pet owners know, fleas are a common nuisance to our furry companions, hence the abundance of flea medicines and treatments on the market. These pests are the number one cause of skin disease for cats and dogs in the central Missouri area, so take precautionary measures to prevent them in your home. 

Ticks: Ticks are another all-too-common, equally annoying enemy of household pets in mid-Missouri. Tick bites cause problems such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and even anemia. Make sure your pets are up to date on their tick preventatives, and treat them right away when you notice signs of ticks!

How to keep your pets safe before, during, & after pest control treatment in your mid-Missouri home 

Whether it’s getting rid of termites with Sentricon products, or using heat treatment on pesky bed bugs, BugOut Pest Control is educated on the most effective methods to get rid of pests in Mexico, MO and surrounding areas. We create innovative solutions and avoid the use of chemical toxins capable of putting your pets at risk. In addition to our responsible pest control, you too can further ensure the safety of your cat or dog in mid-Missouri before, during, and even after the treatment is applied.

Let BugOut Pest Control know about your pets before we treat your home in central Missouri 

The first thing you should do is inform our extermination team about your pets in the house. BugOut Pest Control is an attentive company, and we will take note of all important factors before treating your home in mid-Missouri. We will give you an informative overview of what your pest problem looks like, how we plan to treat it, and the best way to keep your pets safe if the treatment could put them at any risk. The BugOut Pest Control team will be ready to discuss all of this and more during your first consultation with us in central Missouri!


Cover or move any pet items in your mid-Missouri home near the location of pest control treatment 

Water bowls, food bowls, toys, and more need to be stowed away if they are inside or close to the area of pest control treatment. This will prevent contamination and help you keep your pets separated from the extermination team. Be especially careful if you have a smaller pet like a bird or lizard, as they can be much more sensitive to pest control treatments and insecticides in your central Missouri home. You can either relocate these items or cover them with a towel. If any of our pest control experts notice these items nearby, we will let you know and take action at keeping them away from potential dangers. 

Take your pet outside or keep them safely away from the exterminators visiting your house in mid-Missouri 

This is one of the most important steps towards your cat or dog’s safety. While BugOut Pest Control is treating an area of your house, you should keep your pet in a separate room out of harm’s way. Or, if there is treatment being applied to your entire home in central Missouri, send them to a friend, family member, or kennel – anything to keep them from coming into contact with pest control products. Once treatment is finished, do not allow your pets back into the area until the exterminator recommends when it is safe again. Many pest control applications need time to dry and settle in. 

Thoroughly wash their belongings after BugOut Pest Control is finished working on your central Missouri home 

You can never be too careful when it comes to your pets’ wellbeing. After treatment, we advise you to wash their bedding, their toys, and their bowls in case any product residue has gotten on them. Once everything has been cleaned and enough time has passed, you can place your pet items back where they belong in your mid-Missouri home.

Make Sure to Wash Your Pet’s Bowls After Receiving Pest Control Treatment in Central Missouri

Keep a close eye on your pets after pest control treatment in the mid-Missouri region 

While BugOut Pest Control takes all the necessary preventative action, it is still important to watch your cat or dog after pest control treatment is over. For the days following your pest control service in central Missouri, monitor your pets’ health to make sure nothing has affected them. Be wary if they show signs such as vomiting, irritated skin, or sudden fatigue. If you notice any indication of sickness from insecticide, contact your veterinarian for help right away. 

You Can Trust BugOut Pest Control to Keep You & Your Pets Safe With Our Expertise, Practices, & Attention to Detail. Get Rid of Your Pest Problem in the Mexico, MO Area Today! 

BugOut Pest Control is mid-Missouri’s pet-friendly, caring, and professional exterminator. Our dedication to your safety includes the safety of your cuddly companions, and we will do everything in our power to rid your home of pests carefully. If you have a question about pest control or are looking for a quote on your pest problem, give us a call today!

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