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How to Keep Ants from Entering Your Home in Mid-Missouri

When one thinks of all the nasty bugs that come into houses, ants are sometimes overlooked as a problem, but as BugOut Pest Control knows, they definitely shouldn’t be. Although termites and bed bugs are the most common of household pests, ants can be problematic as well. They migrate to your kitchens for food and reproduce like crazy. A carpenter ant can chew through wood like a termite, though they do it for tunneling purposes and do not eat it. In other words, ant extermination is a very real thing in mid-Missouri, and here are some ways to prevent a colony from crowding your humble abode. 

Keep Your Mid-Missouri Home Clean to Prevent Attracting Ants Into the House 

One of the main reasons ant infestations occur is because the colony has run out of food out in the wild. As a result, they make their way towards your typical household in mid-Missouri to look for all the snacks in your cabinets! The best way to keep them out is to keep your surfaces clean, specifically not letting food sit out in the open. Keeping food in sealed containers and washing dishes is a simple but effective way of preventing hungry ants from showing up uninvited. 

Set Out Baits Before Calling Ant Control Near Your Area

If you’ve already caught a few ants here and there, then the next step is to find the source. Ants will find a place to settle down in your home and won’t feel the need to head out any time soon. Keep an eye out for ant trails, and once you’ve found their headquarters, you can try setting out a bait trap. With this method, worker ants take the bait back to their colony and poison them from the inside out. If this doesn’t seem to work, however, you can always call a reliable ant exterminator like BugOut Pest Control and we’ll take care of it. 

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Apply Ant Killer Around Your Home, Preferably from a Pest Control Service 

Once an ant infestation starts to get out of control, it’s time to take action! You’ve probably seen plenty of DIY homemade ant killers on Pinterest or Facebook. While they may seem to work, you can never guarantee the infestation will be taken care of.. The same goes for a lot of bug sprays. The foolproof way to get rid of an ant problem is simply calling a pest control service in mid-Missouri. BugOut Pest Control has done plenty of ant exterminations in the area, so we know a thing or two about eliminating ants for good. We give free estimates, and our extermination products are nothing short of safe and reliable. No need to worry about riddling your home with unnecessary chemicals!

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Get Rid of Dampness or Rotted Wood Where Ants Like to Stay

Carpenter ants can chew through wood in your home like a termite. Ants in general are a big fan of rotted wood with a side of damp spots. Check your house for water leaks, possibly under the sink or along the pipes. Also consider basements or other dark places that attract moisture. Basically, any place in your home where wood and water mix will probably attract ants. 

Get rid of ants in your Missouri home with BugOut Pest Control

Get Rid of Ants with BugOut Pest Control

Let those ants know that your mid-Missouri home is not welcoming any guests! If any of these problems escalate, you always have BugOut Pest Control to come in and relieve you of an ant infestation. This goes for other pests as well: termites, bed bugs, rodents, you name it! Let us provide you with top-notch service and a pest-free home.


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