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Top 5 Fall Pest Control Tips for Mid-Missouri Homeowners

Pests Are Going After Tricks & Treats This Fall. Keep Them Out of Your Mid-Missouri Home With These 5 Fall Pest Control Tips

While you’re celebrating the cooler mid-Missouri weather and decorating your home for fall, pests are plotting their next move to invade your house. Some common fall bugs include termites, bed bugs, rodents, spiders, and ants. BugOut Pest Control wants you to have a peaceful fall this year; follow these pest prevention tips to make your home less spooky this mid-Missouri autumn! 

#1: Prevent termites in the fall by keeping firewood & twigs away from your mid-Missouri home 

Even though fall is the perfect time to host fun bonfires in your backyard, it’s important to pick up the firewood afterwards. Termites in the fall can enter your mid-Missouri home by jumping from sticks outside. To keep this from happening, stack your firewood away from the house and pick up sticks frequently.

Termites in Mid-Missouri

#2: Seal door & window openings to prevent autumn bugs from getting inside 

The next step to fall pest control is sealing the cracks that allow autumn bugs to sneak into your mid-Missouri home. Using caulk, spray foam, or steel wool, you can plug the openings and keep your home properly insulated at the same time! Consider sealing underneath your doors, windows, and the siding of your mid-Missouri home. 

#3: Clean out the roof gutters to your mid-Missouri home 

It’s especially important in the fall to clean out the gutters where leaves can build up. These damp leaves provide the perfect entryway for pests trying to get into your mid-Missouri home. Clean out your gutters at least once this fall to lower the risk of a pest infestation. 

#4: Trim your mid-Missouri lawn & pick up debris 

Next, you should mow the lawn to your mid-Missouri home. Make it as difficult as possible for pests to stay on your lawn and move towards your house. It is also a good idea to pick up litter and debris so pests have less hiding spots. If you don’t have the time to keep track of your mid-Missouri lawn, BugOut Pest Control offers premium lawn care service in the Mexico, MO area.

Lawn Care

#5: Call BugOut Pest Control for a Fall Pest Inspection 

Last, but most importantly, you should schedule a seasonal pest control visit to your mid-Missouri home. BugOut Pest Control is the go-to expert for termite problems, bed bugs, and so much more! Our qualified exterminators are here to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Contact us today if you think a pest is lurking in your mid-Missouri home this fall.

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