Summer Pest Control Tips

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Summer Pest Control Tips

BugOut’s Tips for Keeping Pests Away This Summer

Summer is finally here, and all you should have to worry about is making plans for lake weekends and firing up your grill. While you’re busy enjoying yourself, pests like gnats, ants, flies, mosquitoes, roaches and wasps are becoming more active in warm months, and will take any opportunity to sneak into your home. Be sure to stay on defense mode and proactively prevent pests before they become a bigger problem. Small habits you can pick up now will make all the difference when it comes to avoiding an infestation.

Seal Your Home's Entry Points

The harder it is for pests to enter your home, the better. Block the entry points to your home by replacing the stripping around your windows, checking screens for holes, and being sure to close your windows and doors all the way.

Be Careful About When, and How, You Discard Food

While tedious, keeping a clean kitchen and trash will proactively prevent pest infestations. Don’t let perishables, like fruits and veggies, get too ripe on your counter. Rotting food will attract fruit flies, and once they start, they multiply exponentially. Additionally, when you go to throw out cans or food containers, give them a good rinse before discarding them in the trash. Barbecuing or cooking with meat? Try to avoid tossing meat scraps in the outdoor garbage unless you know it will be picked up in the next couple of days. Discarded meat is an open invitation for critters to feast, even when it's seemingly safely placed outside.

Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water attracts all kinds of pests, including roaches, ants, termites, and—most notoriously—mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, using it as their breeding grounds. Any source of standing water, no matter how big or small, is substantial for these pests, so it’s a good idea to be diligent. Check downspouts and gutters to make sure they’re working properly and directed away from your home. Inspect your air conditioning unit for leaks as well. Finally, overturn any buckets, toys and pots in your yard that may collect rain.

Make Good Landscaping and Lawn Care Habits

You may be surprised to learn that lawn maintenance is an effective way to prevent pests. Pests love to take up residence in overgrown plants and tall grass, so be sure to keep your landscaping trimmed and your lawn mowed regularly. Regular weeding is also key to preventing pests. If you use organic mulch, make sure to replace it once it starts to rot. When it comes to wooden mulch, try to keep it at least 2 feet from your house to prevent potential termites and ants from getting too close. Finally, while you should always keep your plants and grass hydrated, don’t overwater—this can create pools of standing water, which pests love.

Call BugOut Pest Control to Eliminate Pest Problems This Summer

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Run into an issue with ants, flies, mosquitoes or other pests this summer, despite your best efforts? Our professional team offers trusted pest control services in Central Missouri, including Centralia, Laddonia, Martinsburg, Mexico, Rush Hill, Santa Fe, Thompson and more. We’ll get rid of your pest problem, from bed bugs to termites and everything in between. We even offer lawn care services to help stop pests at the source! Contact us today to inquire about our pest control services.

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