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Make the Most of Your Summer & Prevent Nasty Creepy Crawlers With BugOut Pest Control’s Tips for Keeping Insects Out of Your Home in Columbia, MO

When summer rolls around and you are spending more time outdoors, at the pool, or on vacation, it can be a harsh wake-up call to find pests in your home. While you were out enjoying yourself, pests were coming into your home to have their own kind of party. They may have been attracted to improperly stored food, standing water, or the abundant shelter found inside. No matter what attracts summer pests to your home, BugOut Pest Control can kick them out! We work hard all summer long so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about pests like termites and mice and the damage they could be doing to your home. 

To make your summertime fun easy, we’re rounding up the Dos and Don’ts of preventing summer pests in Columbia, MO and the surrounding communities. Study this guide and call BugOut Pest Control if you’ve noticed pests in your mid-Missouri home.

The dos and don’ts of summer pest control in Columbia, MO


  • Inspect your weather stripping around your windows and replace old or damaged sections
  • Ensure your gutters are performing properly and directing rainwater away from the home
  • Avoid standing water and repair areas where water tends to pool
  • Keep your landscaping trimmed and free of plant debris
  • Check your basement, attic, or crawl spaces for moisture or poor ventilation. Repair any concerning areas as soon as possible
  • Repair loose mortar or cracks around the foundation of your home
  • Keep your kitchen clean and store any food in sealed containers
  • Compost or dispose of overripe fruits or vegetables
  • Pick up clutter around your home that pests may hide or nest in


  • Leave pet food out for your dog or cat to graze
  • Let garbage pile up, especially food waste
  • Leave dishes in the sink
  • Keep firewood or brush near the home
  • Leave cracks or holes in your home’s exterior accessible to pests
  • Aim your sprinklers directly at your home’s foundation
  • Allow excess moisture or water to collect in or around the home
  • Leave food of any kind out an easily accessible

Common insects you’ll see during Mid-Missouri’s summer


These pesky home invaders aren’t just gross to have around. They can create a much larger problem if left unchecked. Ants are crafty and can enter your home through just about any means, whether it's via cracks in your foundation or through open or defective windows and doors. Ants can even travel on items you bring in like freshly cut flowers or food from your garden. That’s right! Those summer tomatoes you're so proud of could bring ants into your home! If you start to notice a line of ants dashing through your kitchen, contact BugOut Pest Control ASAP. We’ll get rid of your ant problem quickly and help you prevent ants from returning in the future.


Nothing is more disgusting than seeing a cockroach skitter across your kitchen. Whether it slipped your mind to take the trash out or there's a hidden water source attracting these gross pests, you'll want to get rid of your roach problem quickly. Contact BugOut Pest Control to eliminate cockroaches in your home. If the roaches return next summer and you've kept your home clean, it may be time to look for hidden water sources attracting the roaches to your house. No matter where they come from, BugOut Pest Control will send roaches packing.


Rodents, while cute in theory, are a terrible pest to discover in your home. Not only can they carry diseases and leave droppings everywhere, but they can also put your home in danger! Rodents like mice can chew through electrical wires, creating fire hazards and causing serious problems with your summer TV binging. Additionally, a family of mice can decimate your summer snack stockpile. If you spot mouse droppings, notice damage to your cereal boxes or other food storage containers, or have actually seen a mouse scamper across the floor, it's time to call BugOut Pest Control. We'll get rid of your rodent problem and help you get back to enjoying your summer.


No summer pest is more dangerous than the termite. Difficult to notice and highly destructive, the subterranean termite is Mid-Missouri's most feared pest. Termites can enter your home through windows and doors while swarming or through your home's foundation during colder months. They aren't picky about how they enter your home, and termites will not hesitate to devour any accessible wood. If you're concerned about a termite infestation in your Mid-Missouri home, look for signs like mud tubes, tiny piles of sawdust, hollow-sounding wood features, and squishy walls. These are common indications of a termite-infested home that should be addressed immediately. Get in touch with the termite experts at BugOut Pest Control the moment you suspect termites. Time is of the essence, and it's vital to begin termite treatments as soon as possible. BugOut Pest Control will eliminate termites from your home and prevent their return in the future.

Bed Bugs

It’s easy to get the post-vacation blues, especially during the summer months when you have to return to work after laying around on a beach or exploring the mountains for a few days. However, those blues can quickly turn to horror when you realize you didn’t just return home with precious memories, but you brought bed bugs along in your suitcase! Bed bugs are best identified by the line of bites they will leave on the skin, rust-colored stains on your sheets, and an odd, stale odor in your bedroom. They are the size of sesame seeds and are often reddish-brown or dark brown in color. If you believe bed bugs have taken over your home, contact BugOut Pest Control. Our highly effective heat treatments will get rid of your bed bug problem and have you sleeping easier - literally! 

The dos & don’ts of bed bugs in mid-Missouri


  • Check for bed bugs when you arrive at your hotel or short-term vacation rental
  • Remove the bedsheets and check the corners and underside of the mattress
  • Inspect the headboard or footboard for bed bugs
  • Check the corners and crevices of furniture in your hotel room or short-term rental
  • Contact the hotel or short-term rental management if you notice bed bugs
  • Wash all your clothing and fabric goods in hot water upon your return
  • Leave your suitcase in the garage or away from furniture, carpet, drapes, and clothing after your trip to prevent the potential spread of bed bugs


  • Open your suitcase in your hotel or short-term rental before you inspect the beds and furniture
  • Skip an inspection so you can immediately start enjoying your vacation
  • Ignore bug bites as a typical vacation concern
  • Immediately put away laundry or fabric goods when you return home without washing them

Are You Experiencing a Summer Pest Problem in Mid-Missouri? Contact BugOut Pest Control to Quickly Exterminate Pests in Your Home

BugOut Pest Control will gladly take care of your summer pest control in Columbia, MO and the surrounding communities. Our pest control services are not just effective this summer, but we also offer ongoing pest prevention for year-round comfort and safety. To get rid of pests and prevent them from returning next summer, contact BugOut Pest Control today! 

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