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How to Prevent Summer-Loving Bed Bugs in Mid-Missouri Summers

Do Bed Bugs Come Out in Summer in the Mid-Missouri Area? 

Yep, you bet. In fact, summer is prime time for bed bugs in mid-Missouri. They breed faster, metabolize faster, and go through their life cycle faster during the warmer months like July and August. When you feel like you’ve just moved on from bed bugs in the winter, they’re already back to pester your home in the summer. But this time, your mid-Missouri home will be prepared. BugOut Pest Control has years of experience to know just how predictable bed bugs are.

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

What Attracts Bed Bugs to Mid-Missouri Homes Over the Summer? 

Dark Fabrics: In general, bed bugs love to hide in mattresses, furniture, and clothes. According to several studies, bed bugs have an affinity for darker fabrics, such as red, black, or violet. Since bed bugs are attracted to tight crevices and darkness, black sheets could mean you have a higher chance of attracting bed bugs to your mid-Missouri home.

Cluttered Space: Despite many believing bed bugs are drawn to dirt and grime, which is not necessarily true, unorganized spaces give them a hideout for their schemes. While hiding in clutter, bed bugs have more time to reproduce and cause more problems. And it’s not just your mid-Missouri home at risk from clutter; bed bugs can live in your car in the summer too! 

Warm Environments: Bed bugs are always looking for a place to stay warm. The main reason they crawl into bed at night while you’re sleeping is to feed on blood and take advantage of your body heat. Bed bugs in summer have more opportunities to take over your mid-Missouri home, and they can handle up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit in heat.

Have a Bed-Bug Free Summer! Call BugOut Pest Control in Mexico, MO to Get Started 

You deserve a summer without the stress of bed bugs and other summer pests. BugOut Pest Control provides quick, safe bed bug control procedures to mid-Missouri homes all year round. Call us today for an official home inspection and we’ll guarantee you enjoy a pest-free summer!

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