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Are There Mice in Your House in Mid-Missouri? Put a Stop to Them With BugOut Pest Control

Mice may seem cute at first glance to some people, but having them in your mid-Missouri home can be a major health hazard. Rodents carry a handful of parasites into homes, and can spread nasty diseases such as hantavirus, salmonellosis, and many more. Don’t worry, BugOut Pest Control will take care of your mouse problem and even help you with mice prevention in your mid-Missouri home. Here are the main signs of mice in your house. 

Watch out for rodent droppings in your mid-Missouri pantry 

To a mouse, the world is their bathroom. Mice will travel around your mid-Missouri home in search of food, leaving droppings all along the way. If you see any of these droppings near your packaged foods, throw it away immediately to prevent disease. These are also a sign of where the mice are most active in your home in mid-Missouri. 

Rodents build nests when staying in your mid-Missouri home 

Have you noticed clumps of paper or ripped debris around the house? This is another giveaway sign of mice taking over your home in central Missouri. Rodents in Missouri make little ball-shaped nests out of wallpaper, trash, and whatever else they can find to make themselves a comfortable spot while they invade other areas of the house, destroying your property. Depending on the species of rodent, such as a house mouse or a roof rat, they may build these nests in different places. Check around the refrigerator, in drawers, or in cabinets of your mid-Missouri kitchen for mice nests. 

If there’s a funky smell around the house, it could be mouse urine 

Mouse urine has a very recognizable scent that is hard to ignore once it’s in your mid-Missouri home. Many people say it has a bitter smell comparable to ammonia or sweat. If there is a sudden smell of urine spreading around your home in central Missouri, it may be time to call BugOut Pest Control for an inspection for rodents in Missouri. 

Is your pet acting weird? They may know about a rodent infestation before you do 

If you have a cat or dog in your mid-Missouri home, they may suspect mice are hiding there before you even realize it. Your furry friends have incredible hearing and smelling abilities, allowing them to notice signs of mice early on. Take note if your dog runs along the walls of your house, is sniffing around more than usual, or barking for no apparent reason. They could be warning you about a mouse infestation in your mid-Missouri home. 

Call BugOut Pest Control for Mice Prevention Year Round! Our Exterminators Offer Premium Rodent Control to Mid-Missouri Homes & Businesses 

Mouse traps may act as a temporary fix, but if your mid-Missouri home has a rodent infestation, it’s going to take a pest control professional. BugOut Pest Control uses safe and responsible rodent control measures to prevent another mouse from ever stepping foot again in your home. We offer residential and commercial pest control in central Missouri, and we prioritize your safety from disease and discomfort. Call our exterminators for a pest inspection today!

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