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5 Tips For Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Mid-Missouri Home This Winter

How Can I Prevent Pests From Moving Into My Missouri Home This Winter?

Winter is the perfect time to stay inside curled up with a book and hot chocolate; that is, until winter bugs decide to make their way into your home. Every winter, pests go out looking for warmth and food. It is no surprise then that infestations wildly increase across central Missouri during these months. BugOut Pest Control has acted as mid-Missouri’s go-to exterminator for years. Stay warm and keep bugs out with these 5 easy prevention tips.

#1: Seal Off the Openings in Your Mid-Missouri Home 

The first step in bug prevention is to seal any openings in your home. Any cracks in the doors, windows, and other crevices that could fit a pencil inside are the perfect gateway for winter pests to enter your home. You can use weather stripping, caulking, or even buy door-seal kits from the nearest hardware store. Additionally, remember to close the doors each time you walk into the house and don’t delay. Pests will take the first opportunity to invade your home, so don’t leave any doors or windows lingering open. 

#2: Clean Around the House to Keep From Attracting Winter Bugs 

Leaving food out is a surefire way to invite winter pests into your mid-Missouri home. Clean off countertops, tidy up your fridge and cabinets, and vacuum your carpet to prevent leaving behind any snacks for bugs.

#3: Pick Up Your Lawn So Pests Can’t Hide in the Winter 

Cleaning the interior of your home isn’t the only way to keep bugs out. Your yard is equally if not more important than the inside of your home. Leaf piles, clutter, and branches are great hiding spots for a pest to make their way near your mid-Missouri household. If you don’t have the time for yard work, BugOut Pest Control will stop by your home and provide the best lawn care service around!

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#4: Eliminate Damp Spots That Winter Bugs Thrive In 

Many pests, from cockroaches to silverfish, favor moist areas in the house. Bugs, like all living things, need water to survive. Check your bathrooms and all your sinks for leaky faucets, then eliminate the damp spots immediately. If you have a basement or an attic, check those areas for leaks and moisture as well. 

#5: Call for Winter Pest Control Service in Mid-Missouri 

Finally, the best way to make sure pests never enter your home in the winter is to call an exterminator near you. BugOut Pest Control knows the best preventative measures; no need for make-shift fly killer or unreliable rodent control! Call us today for all your lawn care and pest control needs in mid-Missouri. 

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