What You Can Do To Prepare for Spring Termites During The Winter

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Winter Pest Control Tips That Will Help You Prepare for Spring Pests

While household pests might not be as active during the winter compared to other warmer times of the year, pest control is still a necessity year-round. By hiring a pest control professional during the winter, you can better prepare your home or business for when pests are more active during the spring and summer months. Winter is a slower month for pest control services, but that does not mean it is any less crucial to protecting your home from invasive pests.

Why Hire a Termite Exterminator During Winter in Missouri

Termite control can be particularly useful during the winter. While termites are active year-round, they are far more predictable during the winter months. During these colder months, termites will move their colonies farther underground, but termites living near a heated building will continue as usual. It is also possible to find termites in your home or business during the winter months, as they will have already found shelter from the elements, and will continue being a nuisance. By having termite control performed during the winter, exterminators  will be able to locate any termites already present and find out the best locations in your home or business to conduct termite control.

Contact BugOut Pest Control To Prepare for Spring Termites With Sentricon

If you have noticed any issues with termites inside your home or business, or are looking to prepare for the spring and summer, contact Bug Out Pest Control. For termite control, we proudly use Sentricon, which utilizes baited food that kills off the termites, and eventually, the entire colony. Our professionals will locate the best places in your home to place a Sentricon system and eliminate any termite colonies before they get the chance to become a problem during the spring. 

If you would like to learn more about our termite services, visit our termite services page to learn more about our complete termite treatment service in Mid-Missouri.

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