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Termites Cause Serious Damage in Missouri Homes Each Year. Here’s How BugOut Pest Control Can Help

Each year, termites are reported in over 5 million homes across the United States, causing $5 billion in property damage along the way! With wreckage of this severity, you want to take action on termite damage before it’s too late. This is your survival guide for the moments during and after a termite infestation in your mid-Missouri home. 

The Main Signs of Termite Damage to Your Mid-Missouri Home 

  • Mud tubes: Termites travel through your home and create thin tunnels made up of soil and wood held together by saliva. If you notice pencil-sized, grainy tubes along the walls, pipes, or corners of your attic, termites have definitely made a stop by your mid-Missouri home. 
  • Hollow-Sounding Drywall: Termites commonly attack drywall in mid-Missouri homes, leaving a hollow sound when it is tapped. The drywall could also be discolored, have holes, or appear to droop. 
  • Wood damage: Some termite colonies can eat up to a pound of wood in a day! Termites will chew through the support beams and other wooden materials in your house. Signs of termite damage include maze-like patterns, hollow sounds, and brittle consistencies in the wood of your home.

Termites in Missouri

Call for termite treatment from BugOut Pest Control 

Before you can start the recovery process, you first need to get rid of the termites in your mid-Missouri home. BugOut Pest Control uses the best termite treatment from Sentricon, making sure your pest problem is removed as soon as possible with no danger of chemicals left behind or termites coming back. Once you’re given the thumbs up and there are no more termites in your home, you can move on to the termite repair process.   

If termite damage is small, try some simple wood repairs 

It is not uncommon for homeowners in mid-Missouri to spend at least $3,000 on termite damage repair costs. If you’re lucky and got a termite infestation under control before it escalated, you might be able to perform some termite damage repairs all on your own. One common method of repair is to add new wood to the damaged wood for support. Another option is to fill the mazes termites left behind with a wood-hardening sealer. For the latter option, keep an eye on the wood during periods of rainy weather to make sure the repairs don’t start cracking, otherwise you may need to replace it. 

For termite damage beyond repair, replace the wood 

Sometimes, the wood in your Missouri home is a lost cause to termite damage. When this happens, you’re better off replacing the wood entirely instead of trying to repair it. Termites have the capability to strip wood pieces down until there is no support left, leaving your home at risk of collapsing. This is a more costly form of termite damage repair, but is necessary for the safety of mid-Missouri residents. 

Call BugOut Pest Control for a Termite Control Inspection to the Jefferson City, MO Area 

After repairs have been made to your home, whether you’re in Columbia, Jefferson City, or anywhere surrounding these places in Missouri, contact BugOut Pest Control and schedule a thorough termite inspection. You don’t want to take the chance of dealing with termites all over again.

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