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Be Prepared for Pests in the Mid-Missouri Fall With the Help of BugOut Pest Control

Fall is a beloved season among many. The weather is nice, the foliage is beautiful, and who doesn’t love the upcoming holiday season? Sadly, autumn is also a time where pests try making their way into your mid-Missouri home. Before you start celebrating the fall with pumpkin-themed treats and decorating the house, here are some useful tips to prevent autumn insects from ruining it.

What Kind of Fall Pests Come Out in the Central Missouri Area? 

Bed Bugs: Like most autumn insects, bed bugs are highly opportunistic, and they will enter your mid-Missouri home through any means possible. They hide not only in beds, but in couch crevices, outlets, and walls. 

Termites: These little wood chompers cause a world of damage to homes in Missouri. Termites are year-round pests, and the fall is no exception. Look out for subterranean and flying termites in the fall this year. 

Spiders: During the fall in mid-Missouri, spiders get particularly eager to search for shelter and food. The main spiders to be wary of are the brown recluse, black widow, and wolf spider. 

Rodents: Cute in pet stores. In your kitchen? Not so much. Rodents such as mice and rats can contaminate the food in your mid-Missouri home with their droppings, so it’s important to stop them from getting there in the first place. 

How to protect your home from pests & rodents during mid-Missouri’s fall season

#1: Seal the cracks around your mid-Missouri home to prevent fall bugs from getting in 

Pests are opportunists. All they need is the slightest opening to start an infestation in your home. Use an outdoor safe sealant to close cracks in your foundation or siding, and upgrade your windows and doors with weather stripping or similar tools.. This will also help insulate your home for the colder weather ahead and keeps bugs and rodents at bay! 

#2: Keep moisture out of spaces like attics & basements in mid-Missouri

Most pests, especially roaches and silverfish, survive off of humidity and moisture in mid-Missouri. Get ahead of the rainy fall weather and check your bathrooms, attics, and basements for leaks or puddles. If you have a dehumidifier, you can use it to keep your mid-Missouri home nice and dry. 

#3: Check your Halloween decorations! Fall pests may be hiding 

The scariest thing about the Halloween season is the possibility of finding a brown recluse spider in your box of decorations, or a bed bug waiting in the garage for a chance to enter your mid-Missouri home. When going through items that have been locked away for a while, take caution and check for eggs or fall insects. Wear gloves!

Need a Mid-Missouri Exterminator for Termites, Bed Bugs & More This Autumn? Call BugOut Pest Control Today. 

The best pest control is proactive pest control. BugOut Pest Control specializes in safe, effective extermination practices in mid-Missouri, so homeowners can live comfortably and pest-free! For an inspection and quote on fall pests, don’t be afraid to contact us!

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