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Are rodents and bugs bothering you in mid-Missouri? You’re not alone. Missouri is home to thousands of insect and rodent species. However, some are more common than others. Whether you’re seeing spiders or suspect termites, BugOut Pest Control will put your pest problems in the past. Our skilled extermination technicians are ready to help you get rid of mid-Missouri’s most common pests. Learn more about how we can help you today!

Common Pests You’ll Find in Your Mid-Missouri Home

Mid-Missouri is home to several types of termites, so be aware of the common signs of wood-eating insects & call BugOut Pest Control to get rid of termites fast

Termites love Missouri. Not only is our highly forested state the perfect location for these wood-eating insects, but there are also plenty of alternatives termites love to snack on, including the wood in your home. Missouri’s primary termite, the subterranean termite, can be found swarming in the spring. Once the swarm is over, newly coupled termites will begin building their own colonies in the soil. Sometimes, opportunistic termites will swap out soil for your home’s basement or crawlspace. They’ll make their nests near or inside your home and the offspring will begin to build mud tubes to help them travel your home and eat away at your interior wood. This can cause serious harm to your home’s structural integrity. 

To avoid a large-scale termite infestation, look for mud tubes around the interior walls of your home, watch for dropped wings – which termites shed once swarming season is over – and tiny piles that look like sawdust. These piles are actually termite droppings and can tell you exactly where termites are attacking your home. When you notice these common signs of termites in your mid-MO home, contact BugOut Pest Control. We’ll exterminate the termite colony and protect your home from further damage.


Bed Bugs Are Common in Mid-Mo. Contact BugOut Pest Control for Bed Bug Extermination Services.

Do you love to travel? So do bed bugs! Get rid of these common Missouri pests with help from BugOut Pest Control

Unlike termites, bed bugs are not often found going from the great outdoors and into our homes. Instead, these common Missouri pests like to travel in style. They’ll hop in your suitcase, purse, or briefcase, and hitchhike their way around the globe with you. Whether you’re coming from a luxurious resort or a family member’s home, bed bugs can be found traveling alongside you no matter the distance or destination. 

You may not see an actual bed bug until you start looking for them. That’s why it is important to check for bed bugs on the mattress and upholstered furniture before you ever open your suitcase in a hotel room or short-term rental. Even if you don’t see a bed bug, you can still identify the most common signs of bed bugs. These signs include straight lines of little red bites on your body, small reddish-brown stains on your sheets–that’s blood and excrement–and a stale odor in your bedroom. To look for the actual bug, remove any sheets or covers on your bed and check the corners, head, and foot of the mattress where bed bugs can snuggle in tightly for their daylight nap. These nocturnal bugs are about the size of a sesame seed and are typically a brown or red color. 

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task, but BugOut Pest Control can do it! We have the right heat-treating equipment that will eliminate your bed bug problem so you can sleep peacefully. Have you spotted a bed bug or the common signs of bed bugs in your Missouri home? Contact BugOut Pest Control.


BugOut Pest Control can tackle any spider problem in Columbia, MO

Missouri hosts more than 300 kinds of spiders. If that wasn’t enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, it’s important to be aware of the two venomous spiders that inhabit Missouri: the black widow and the brown recluse. Brown recluse spiders can leave bites that begin with pain and swelling and may develop into vomiting, fever, and worse. Some brown recluse bites may become serious and take months to heal. You are unlikely to notice a brown recluse bite right away unless you actually see the spider bite you. Black widow spiders, on the other hand, make their bite known right away. You will almost instantly feel pain when a black widow bites. This pain may develop into muscle cramps that can be extremely painful. Always be aware of your surroundings when accessing areas these spiders love including basements, sheds, wood piles, and anywhere dark and relatively undisturbed. It’s best to wear protective gloves when accessing these spaces, but be sure to shake the gloves out before you wear them, as the spiders may even be inside the glove. 

Whether you’ve seen a venomous spider or a regular cellar spider, you can rely on BugOut Pest Control to erase your spider problem. We’ll treat your home for all types of spiders to ensure you don’t have any more eight-legged invaders in your home. Call today for a free service estimate.


Don’t let common Missouri rodents like mice & rats overtake your home. BugOut Pest Control can rid your house of rodents quickly

Insects and arachnids aren’t the only common pests mid-Missourians need to worry about. Mice and rats can also cause serious damage and chaos in your home. They can ruin your pantry items, leave disgusting droppings all over the place, and chew through wood, insulation, drywall, and wiring. This can compromise the integrity of your home and even start fires! The easiest way to look for rats and mice is to keep an eye out for tiny black pellets (excrement) and damage to your pantry including nibbled cardboard boxes and partially eaten or completely missing food items. You may even see a rodent scurry across your home when you take them by surprise. Have you seen a mouse or rat, or noticed the common signs of these pests? Get in touch with BugOut Pest Control. We’ll take care of your rodent problem so you can get back to enjoying your home. 


BugOut Pest Control helps mid-Missouri residents get rid of roaches, ladybugs, & ants

Not all pests have to cause damage to your home or health to be irritating. Common mid-Missouri bugs like cockroaches, ladybugs, and ants can cluster in your home and become a huge nuisance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen one ant or 100, BugOut Pest Control will come to your rescue. Our experienced crew of pest control specialists will investigate your home for all kinds of pests and provide the best possible extermination solution for your family. We work quickly and safely to ensure your home is free of pests. You don’t have to let roaches, ladybugs, and ants become a problem. Instead, call BugOut Pest Control for the ultimate pest control services in mid-Missouri.


Pest problem? Call BugOut Pest Control to exterminate bugs, spiders, & rodents in your mid-Missouri home today!

Are Missouri’s most common pests wreaking havoc in your home? BugOut Pest Control is ready to take action. Our custom extermination solutions will create a pest-free environment in your home, leaving you with unmatched peace of mind. Take back control of your home when you contact BugOut Pest Control today.

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