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If You’re Considering DIY Pest Control, Think Again! Only an Experienced Pest Control Company Can Get Rid of Your Mid-Missouri Bug & Rodent Problem

Are ants marching two by two through your kitchen? Have you heard an unpleasant scratching sound coming from inside your walls? Did you wake up with unexplained bug bites after a recent trip? You have a pest problem. Whether you’re dealing with pesky ants or dangerous bed bugs invading your mid-Missouri home, a pest problem should never be taken lightly, and by lightly, we mean handled with DIY pest control treatments. 

DIY pest control may feel like the smart choice until your home is littered with box traps or sticky tape, reeks of pest spray, and is still infested with bugs and rodents! By trying to save some money on an extermination treatment, you may create a dangerous environment for your family and pets. You may feel comfortable swatting a spider with a newspaper now and then, but when it comes to pest problems, it’s always best to leave pest control to the professionals. At BugOut Pest Control, we have the experience, skill, and capability to handle your mid-Missouri pest problem for good. Don’t do DIY. Call BugOut Pest Control instead!


DIY pest control is expensive! Invest your hard-earned money in a proven pest treatment from mid-Missouri’s #1 choice for pest control, BugOut Pest Control

The primary reason anyone will attempt a DIY pest control treatment is cost. You’ve probably heard from relatives and friends about how expensive it can be to hire a professional exterminator. However, many homeowners don’t realize all those DIY pest treatments can really add up. When the first spray doesn’t work, you head back to the store to try another spray or purchase a new type of trap. Soon enough you’ll be astounded by how much money and time you’ve wasted, not to mention the stress you’ve created trying to solve your pest problem on your own. 

The truth is, some pest problems simply can’t be eliminated with DIY treatments. Termites and bed bugs are the primary culprits who evade DIY extermination tricks. That is because termites remain well hidden where many at-home solutions can’t reach, while bed bugs can only be eradicated with powerful heat treatments (and no, throwing your sheets in the dryer on the highest setting is not enough). 

When you need effective, long-lasting pest control solutions, call BugOut Pest Control. We provide free pest evaluations to better help you understand your pest problem. By choosing BugOut Pest Control, you can avoid spending your money on ineffective DIY treatments and instead invest in proven extermination methods you can trust. Schedule your evaluation today.


When you need proven pest control methods in mid-Missouri, skip the DIY bug sprays & call BugOut Pest Control

Did you know there is a difference between store-bought pest control supplies and professional extermination equipment? While store-bought DIY pest solutions can be effective up to a point, only a professional exterminator can offer the most powerful pest control equipment. At BugOut Pest Control, our exterminators are trained and certified to handle professional-grade equipment that gets rid of pests the first time! In addition to our powerful sprays and traps, we also have the necessary equipment to provide heat treatments for bed bug infestations. The extermination tools we use are more powerful, more effective, and safer in the hands of a professional. Call BugOut Pest Control for a one-and-done pest control solution in mid-MO.


Safety is BugOut Pest Control’s priority. Protect your family in mid-Missouri with professional pest control services

When you are spraying your home with DIY pest spray, do you know what chemicals are being spread throughout your home? Do you know how they will interact with the chemicals used in your cleaning supplies? What about how it will affect family members’ allergies or the objects your pets engage with? It’s incredibly important to consider the safety implications of using DIY pest solutions before you start spraying or setting traps around your home. The best way to avoid creating a health hazard in your home is to hire a professional pest control expert. At BugOut Pest Control, we focus on your safety and do everything in our power to protect your family from dangerous chemicals and pests. Choose safety with BugOut Pest Control today!


Can you treat termites with DIY pest control tools? In mid-Missouri, termite control is best left to the professionals at BugOut Pest Control

Attempting a DIY pest control solution isn’t just expensive or hazardous to your family’s health, it can also have catastrophic consequences for your home. Termites are public enemy #1 for homeowners in mid-Missouri. They will enter your home without notice and quickly begin to eat away at your interior wood features. If left improperly treated, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars repairing your home. Termites can be found in walls, floors, foundations, and even furniture, so it is important to keep an eye out for the common signs of termites.

Common signs of termites in mid-Missouri
  • Mud tubes on interior & exterior walls & pipes
  • Fallen wings & termite droppings that resemble sawdust
  • Wood damage that may resemble wood rot


Bed bugs & DIY pest control don’t mix. Get proven bed bug extermination services in mid-Missouri from BugOut Pest Control

Bed bugs are another dangerous pest that should be treated by professionals. Sprays and traps don’t work well on these biting insects and the only surefire way to get rid of bed bugs is with a professional heat treatment. BugOut Pest Control has the equipment and experience to get rid of bed bugs in your home. We’ll assess the infestation, heat treat your home, and help you sleep easier at night knowing you won’t wake up with bug bites. Do you suspect you have bed bugs? Check for these common signs of bed bugs and call BugOut Pest Control to get rid of them fast! 

Common signs of bed bugs in mid-Missouri
  • Linear, red and itchy bites on you or your family
  • Small brown or red stains on your sheets
  • Sesame seed-sized bugs on your mattress, especially in the corners
  • A stale odor in your bedroom


BugOut Pest Control is proud to be central Missouri's #1 pest control provider

Ready to Get Rid of Bugs for Good? Contact Bugout Pest Control for Proven Pest Extermination Services in Mid-Mo

Don’t waste your money on worthless DIY pest control solutions. Call BugOut Pest Control instead. We offer free pest evaluations and unmatched bug and rodent control services in mid-Missouri. From termites and bed bugs to spiders, mice, roaches, and more, BugOut Pest Control is your answer to effective pest control. Call today to schedule your home evaluation.

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