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Summer Ant Prevention Tips for Your Home in Mid-Missouri

Ants Will Intrude on Your Mid-Missouri Home if You Let Them. This is BugOut Pest Control’s Ultimate Guide to Ant Prevention   

Ants are the pest of all pests. They move in large colonies and become a nuisance to homes in Missouri every summer, spreading bacteria and taking up your comfortable space, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Although there are easily over 700 ant species in the United States, the most common ant infestations in houses are from carpenter ants, pavement ants, and odorous house ants. From one ant to another, they’re all generally after the same things: food, water, and a place to build their colonies. Here are some helpful ant prevention tips for your mid-Missouri home this summer.

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Keep moisture out of your home 

The first step you can take to prevent summertime ants is checking your home for areas of excessive moisture. Ants thrive off moisture; a puddle of water in your bathroom means an all-day pool party for them. Inspect under your sinks, both kitchen and bathroom, crawl spaces, basements, and anywhere else attracting dampness to your Missouri home. 

Clean your pantry & remove open sources of food 

Secondly, go through your pantry and check for holes and rips in your packaged food products. Ants go crazy for sugar and dry foods, though they’ll take anything they can get out of your cabinets. Make sure none of your produce has rotted and dry goods haven’t spoiled from expiration. Lastly, keep your surfaces clean from crumbs and sticky spots to prevent an ant infestation in your kitchen.

Perform lawn care on your mid-Missouri yard, where ants originate 

A proactive way to keep ants out of your home is to keep them out of your yard! With enough time outside to breed and build a colony, ants can then move into your home during the summer months. To prevent this, it’s good to cut the grass, remove weeds, trim trees and bushes, and clean up any trash or debris left in your mid-Missouri yard. Luckily, BugOut Pest Control offers more than amazing extermination services; we offer lawn care too!

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When Ants Interrupt Your Summer, You Can Trust BugOut Pest Control to Take Care of Your Central Missouri Home. Call for Ant Control Today 

Whether your mid-Missouri home is hit with a sudden ant infestation, your lawn could use some extra care, or you’re dealing with a pest like termites and bed bugs, BugOut Pest Control can assist you with proactive, exceptional service. If you’re suspicious of an ant problem lurking around the corner, waiting to ruin your summer fun, don’t wait. Call our knowledgeable pest control staff today!

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