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Don’t Let Pests Interrupt Your Cozy Time at Home This Winter! Exterminate Bugs & Rodents in Mid-Missouri With Bugout Pest Control

Cozy season is here! Sweater weather, nights by the fire, and mugs of hot chocolate are now the norm, making it easy to forget your winter woes when you're relaxing indoors. As picturesque as this season might be, there are some winter-related problems you shouldn't ignore. One of the scariest? Pests in your home! While you're seeking comfort and joy, bugs and rodents are doing the same. They want to escape the cold just as much as you do, which is why it's important to prevent winter pests before they ever have a chance to enter your home!

Discover the easiest way to prevent pests from entering your home with BugOut Pest Control. And if you already have a winter pest problem, don't worry! BugOut will be there to kick pests out of your cozy home.

With a little winter yard work, you can prevent pests from coming into your mid-Missouri Home

The best place to start preventing pests is outdoors! With just a little yard work, you can keep your mid-Missouri home pest-free. The first step is to pick up any yard debris like leaves and sticks. Bag them up and either schedule a pickup or drop them off at the appropriate disposal center. This will vary depending on where you live. If you have a wood burning fireplace in your home or a firepit in your yard, make sure your firewood is moved away from any exterior walls, garages, or sheds. If your firewood is infested with termites, they could very easily make the jump from the logs to your home. 

You should also monitor your lawn and landscaping for pooling water after rain. If you discover standing water, fill in the holes to prevent further moisture collection. Standing water isn’t just a winter pest problem, it can also attract mosquitos in the spring, so by taking action now, you’re protecting your home year-round. If you’re already noticing pests in your home, move forward with your yard work and call BugOut Pest Control. We can get rid of existing winter pests and prevent others from entering your home.


You can prevent winter pests when you repair the entry points of your mid-Missouri home

As the temperature drops, pests’ interest in your home will rise. They’ll be looking for a warm place to live, so don’t give them the opportunity to come in. Inspect your windows and doors and look for spots where a pest could sneak in. If there is a gap in your door, you can purchase a door sweep or door shoe. These tools will also help prevent cold drafts! For those who haven’t spotted pests coming in through windows, you can caulk any cracks or openings(so long as you can still open the window in an emergency) to keep pests out. However, if you already have pests, do not use a permanent sealing tool until the pests have been eliminated. BugOut Pest Control will be able to handle this with ease! 

When you're inspecting your windows and doors, this is also a great time to make sure your chimney, attic, and roof are protected too. If you spot gaps in your roof, call a roofing professional to seal them. Not only will this protect your home from pests, but it will also eliminate a number of other safety concerns. This is also the time to make sure your chimney cap is operating properly. If not, replace it to prevent pests from coming into your home through the chimney. Finally, don’t skip cleaning out your gutters! Pests may be attracted to the pooling water and debris in your gutters so don’t give them a place to hunker down. 

By starting with your home’s exterior entry points and features, you can prevent pests in mid-Missouri. For those who already have a pest problem, call BugOut Pest Control. We’ll handle the pests so you can focus on keeping cozy. 

Protect your mid-Missouri holiday baking essentials & other home goods from bugs & rodents with these winter pest-prevention tips

Once your home’s exterior has been taken care of, it’s time to focus on the inside. One of the most popular spots for pests to seek out in your mid-Missouri home is your kitchen. Pests will be attracted to the available food, warm environment, and ample opportunities to hide in cabinets or drawers. Start by storing your dry goods and pet food in sealed containers. If food is easy to access, pests will be more likely to cozy up in your kitchen. You should also keep an eye out for signs of pests in the kitchen. This could include nibbled food packaging, rodent droppings, and food scraps showing up on the floor or counters. While you’re inspecting your food, you should also dispose of anything that has expired. 

Outside the kitchen, you should always pick up clutter around the home, store holiday decor and linens in sealed containers, and always watch for pests when pulling out boxes from your garage or attic. Spiders like the venomous brown recluse love to inhabit rarely-used items like holiday decor or winter gear. 

As you go through this process, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of pests and to contact BugOut Pest Control the moment you suspect you have an insect or rodent problem. We’ll be there ASAP to help you get rid of pests just in time for you to enjoy your warm winter home. 

Winter Pests Getting You Down? Call Bugout Pest Control to Start Winter Pest Treatments in Your Mid-Missouri Home Today

Are you ready to enjoy your winter without worrying about bugs or mice? Call BugOut Pest Control! We can assess your home for any opportunities pests may have to enter and start prevention early. If you already have a pest problem, there's no need to panic! Just reach out to our experienced pest control specialists to start pest treatments today. We'll help make your mid-Missouri home feel happier this winter!

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