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How to Protect Your Mid-Missouri Home From Fall & Winter Termites

Termites Don’t Hibernate for the Winter in Central Missouri. You Will Need to Plan Ahead With BugOut Pest Control   

Termites are like us in the way that they hate being cold. Unfortunately, termites are a year-round pest in mid-Missouri, and they’re especially eager to intrude your home during the fall and winter. When the weather cools down, termite colonies will burrow further into the ground and dig their way towards the nearest building in search of food and warmth. Keep fall and winter termites away from your home in mid-Missouri by staying one step ahead!

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Repair or seal cracks along the foundation of your mid-Missouri home 

This tip kills two birds with one stone. Sealing the corners and openings around your home will keep the rooms insulated from the harsh weather and block out termites. Use caulks, weather stripping, and epoxy sealer in the cracks of windows, doors, and foundation of your mid-Missouri.

Clean up wooden debris surrounding your home to prevent termites 

Worker termites find a way to sneak into mid-Missouri homes by finding leftover or rotted wood to camp outside in. Along the way, they will build “mud tubes” made of feces and mud to build a connecting path from their underground colony to the source of food, a.k.a your house. If you have fall trees in your yard dropping limbs and leaves, pick up the wood left behind to prevent termites. 

Termites love moisture. Check if water sources are properly sealed in your mid-Missouri home 

The only thing termites love more than rotted wood is leaky pipes. To prepare for the fall and winter in mid-Missouri, ensure there are no breaches in the water and gas lines around your house. If your home has an attic or basement, try placing a dehumidifier to reduce moisture.

BugOut Pest Control Is the #1 Mid-Missouri Exterminator for Fall Termites. Call Us if You Have a Pest Problem! 

Even with all of these pest prevention tips, termites in the Mexico, MO area are persistent and may still find a way into your home. If you’ve noticed piles of sawdust around the house, mud tubes, or hollow-sounding walls, you may be dealing with a termite infestation. If you think there are termites disturbing your mid-Missouri home, call BugOut Pest Control immediately! We specialize in getting rid of termites and bed bugs, and we’ll make sure your home is safe again this fall.

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