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Does My Mid-Missouri Home’s Drywall Have a Termite Problem?

Termite Damage Repair Is Costly to Your Mid-Missouri Home. BugOut Pest Control Can Save Your Home From Termite Damage 

Have you noticed your drywalls sound a little hollow? Do you see small gatherings of dust towards the bottom of your walls? What about tiny holes or trails along the surface? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may have a termite problem in your mid-Missouri home. 

How to Check for Evidence of Termites in the Drywall

Termite Tubes on Drywall: Termites use mud tubes to move from place to place in your mid-Missouri home. No wider than a pencil, they’re constructed of wood, soil, and termite saliva. If you see anything like this on your drywall, termites have definitely been there.

Termites will leave mud tubes in the walls of your mid-Missouri home

Termite Holes in Drywall or Ceiling: Look for holes in the wall where termites have chewed through. It also wouldn’t hurt to check the ceiling; sometimes termites will hide there too. If you’re dealing with subterranean termites, there might be soil filled into the small holes. Drywood termites, however, will not leave behind mud. 

Termite Nests on the Wall: After following the holes and tubes in the wall, you might be able to find the termites’ hiding spot. Drywood termites are most likely to build a nest out of your home in mid-Missouri. Check all the wooden areas and wooden furniture in your house, and hopefully you will find the root of the problem.

Learn More About Termite Habits

Why you need a professional pest control service for termites in your mid-Missouri home

You might think using a home remedy for termites in the wall is cheaper than hiring an exterminator, but we’re here to tell you this is not the case. Exterminators like ours here at BugOut Pest Control are experts at finding termites and using the most effective termite treatment for the long term. We use Sentricon products, the most widely tested termite control brand to date. If your goal is to permanently rid your mid-Missouri home of termites, it’s best to call BugOut Pest Control. 

BugOut Pest Control Will Handle All Your Pest Problems in the Central Missouri Area. Contact us today! 

There’s no time to waste. Call BugOut Pest Control for a quick, efficient termite inspection and we’ll follow the best procedures from there. And if you’re dealing with any other pest infestations, it’s worth calling about. We also cover bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and so much more. We’re here to serve our mid-Missouri customers, so call us today!

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